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Krishi Vigyan Kendras
1 Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Amadalavalasa www.kvkamadalavalasa-angrau.org
2 Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Darsi www.kvkdarsi-angrau.org
3 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,  Garikapadu  www.kvkgarikapadu-angrau.org
4 Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kalikiri www.kvkkalikiri-angrau.org
5 Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore  www.kvknellore-angrau.org
6 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Rastakuntubai www.kvkrastakuntubai-angrau.org
7 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Reddipalli www.kvkreddipalli-angrau.org
8 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Undi www.kvkundi-angrau.org
9 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Utukur www.kvkutukur-angrau.org
10 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Banavasi www.kvkbanavasi-angrau.org
11 Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Kalyandurg www.kvkkalyandurg-angrau.org
Extension Education Institute(E.E.I), Hyderabad
12 Extension Education Institute, Hyderabad www.eeihyd.org

Education Institutes
13 Vidya Dayini Model High School www.vidyadayinischools.com
14 Indo American High School  www.indoamericanhighschool.com
15 Vidya Dayini Group www.vidyadayinigroup.com
16 Vidya Dayini Girls Junior College www.vidyadayinigirlsjuniorcollege.com
17 TMSS Women’s Degree College www.tmsswomensdegreecollege.com
18 GATES Finishing School www.gatesfinishingschool.com
19 Actavin Pharma Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad  www.actavinpharma.in
20 Green Reap, Adilabad.  www.greenreap.org
21 Website, Billing Application, Mobile App. www.saisthali.org
Tax & Finance
22 Calfin Mastro Pvt Ltd. www.calfinmastro.com
23 Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad Server, Support and Maintenance
Recent Government Websites
24 All India Coordinated Research Project on Home Science. www.homescienceaicrphyd.org
25 Telangana Rajiv Swagruha www.swagruha.telangana.gov.in
Our Recent Works
26 Garden City University. www.gardencityuniversity.in
Property Management
27 Sahasra Properties. www.sahasraproperties.com

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